Benefits of a first look by Muskegon Wedding Photographer

January 22, 2018

By Jamie May Photography:Benefits of a first look by Muskegon Wedding Photographer

After photographing so many weddings, I have to express my favorite is first looks or wedding day reveals.  I believe that the benefits way out the traditional way of doing things.  There is still that first look that will be emotional and happy!

Benefits of a first look or wedding day reveal and Why I love them?

  1. Relaxes the couples.  So often everyone is so nervous before they see their bride or groom. After the first look, everyone will say they feel so much better.
  2. More pictures opportunities.  If you love pictures and want some more variety, this is a great way to do that.
  3. Time is a gift.  There is so much time before the event starts, it is a great way to get the ‘requirements’ out of the way
  4. When the party starts, you can party!  It is great to not have to mess with pictures once the wedding starts. The day goes so fast and how awesome to be able to visit rather than to rush your pictures in.
  5. More intimate. It is more intimate if you want it to be or you can line up all the family or friends that you want to be there.

Muskegon Wedding Photographer and a day with Julia and Jose!

I met with Julia and her dad one day to learn more about her wedding, where I was told the reception would have a lot of festive activities to bring in both cultures.  I was so excited to see what this meant!  As you can see Jose’s family traditions include:  pinning money to the bride and groom and some chair lifting, knock the groom over, game and then of course the traditional garter toss and first dances, etc.   It was a fun filled night.

I loved that they did a first look, and we had so much time to walk around the charming, downtown area of Muskegon. We also had a fair share of time St. Mary’s Catholic church, to photograph the bride and groom with some of the architecture and stain glass windows inside.  As you can see from the pictures, this was a fun crowd, who made all my ideas come even more to life!!  I was so blessed to be a part of you Julia and Jose’s wedding day!!!  Wishing you many more wonderful years of marriage!!  xoxx0x0x