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January 24, 2018
hitching post weddings

By Jamie May Photography:
Jamie is a wedding photographer in Michigan. If you live in Michigan, you know that weather is always a variable.  Some days are rainy, but they always work out on a wedding day.  Melissa and Kyle got married and had their reception at the Hitching Post Events.  This venue has a nice indoor location for the ceremony and a beautiful outdoor location.  The rain did stop for a small window, and we went out by the barn to get some of the rustic, photos that we were all hoping for.

Melissa’s family hired us based on a wedding we did six year prior. We sat by them at a reception during dinner.  They were so sweet to remember us and to call. I was so flattered and thankful.  Melissa and Kyle had a packed party. You can tell this couple is well loved.  There was a lot of laughing and dancing. Wishing you many more hunting and fishing years together!!!  xoxoxox

How to have an successful Engagement Session with a professional photographer:

1. I alway recommend bringing props to have in your engagement session that may represent who you are and what you love as a couple.  For example, Melissa and Kyle love to hunt and fish together.  I love that they brought a pole and signage that represents a characteristic/hobby that they share.

2.  You don’t have to dress exactly the same. I love variety. Look at a palette that you may like.  They picked orange and blues and then did a clothes change with red and black. I think up to four colors can be successful if done right.

3.  Bring poses you like. If you want to put a little elbow grease into the session, feel free to pin a few pictures poses that you love and we can accomplish them

4. Have fun. This is a great chance to get familiar with the camera and have fun. You can get a great blend of romantic, traditional and creative because we have the time.


A Wedding Photographer point of view of the Hitching Post Wedding Venue:

The Hitching Post Facts:

  • On-site props and backgrounds. I like that there is a lot of variety on site.  You don’t have to go anywhere and you have barns, and fields, animals, farm equipment, rustic texture, etc… Lots of options
  •  Indoor or Outdoor ceremony site. I do prefer the outdoor location, but in a bind at least you have back up
  • Everything at one spot! I love this. It reduces stress by a lot!
  • Budget friendly. I think it is pretty reasonable in cost
  • The barn inside is very nice.

What could improve at the Hitching Post

They could take care of their grounds a little better, it is not horrible, but it is very rustic. Weeds in the cement cracks and worn down parking lot.

It’s a barn, so it can be hot if a humid August day.

Overall, it is a very nice venue and am always happy to be a wedding photographer there!  I have been there on a great day and a rainy day, and I equally love the wedding pictures.

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    Absolutely great photography!

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