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February 21, 2018
grand rapids weddings

By Jamie May Photography: Grand Rapids Weddings.   I was really looking forward to seeing Kellen and Britany again!  A couple years ago, I photographed her sisters wedding on the beaches of Grand Haven. Whereas, Britney and Kellen’s wedding was downtown Grand Rapids!  They got married at Douglas Walker Park in Byron Center and had their reception at The B.O.B  .

It was a super rainy day, relentlessly raining!!!  We were fortunate to find a great spot to take pictures indoors.  I was happy that the park had an indoor shelter for the ceremony.  I love this family. They are always so warm and welcoming. It is like hanging out with old friends.   Britney looked stunning in her bridal gown!  Kellen was grinning ear to ear, the whole night, as was Britney. I love all of animated expressions! She makes me smile. Hope to see you again! Best Wishes to many happy years!!!

On a side note, we are very experienced with grand rapids weddings.  There are tons of beautiful options.  This day was a really bad, rainy, dark day, and we were still able to take advantage of the architecture downtown and get some wonderful photos.  We have lived around the area our whole lives, so we are very familiar with how to navigate. I have even had brides have us pick where to go for the whole day!

Strategies on handling a rainy day:

1. Don’t panic, it always works out

2. Be OK with getting your dress a little dirty

3. Have umbrellas for a cute back-up prop, you can always take them back.

4.  Maybe have a white sheet to lay down on the ground under your dress.

5. Hire a experienced photographer that knows how to handle any weather or lighting condition.

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