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January 22, 2018

By Jamie May Photography:  is a West Michigan Wedding Photographer.  This is a blog post about a real wedding with Brittany and Kevin. Brittany and Kevin got married and had their reception at Wabasis Lake Park. I have never been there before, it has a cute log-cabin lodge to have the reception, tucked away in a rustic, charming setting.  I think it is so clever when people get married at county parks, usually there is an indoor /outdoor option in case it rains.  There were also many scenic picturesque opportunities! This was a great group of people. I love that everyone was so fun and easy-going.  It was such an enjoyable evening.

I know that Brittany and Kevin have been together for quite some time, but you would never know it, as they looked each other with a very fresh, young love!   I am so happy that Brittany and Kevin finally tied the knot!!! (and did you know you could customize converse? so cool).  Thanks for hiring me to be a part of your day! x0x0x

County Parks are Hidden Gems for Wedding Venues

  1. Cheap! If you are on a budget and are ok with the outdoors this is a great option. You will not spend more than a couple hundred dollars to reserve your spot at a county park.
  2. Shelter. Most of the locations have a shelter that can provide sitting and dancing.  They are usually cute spaces!
  3. Outside. There are usually lots of great locations for pictures with nature. Sometimes there are added elements like water or bridges.

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