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January 17, 2018
grand rapids weddings

By Jamie May Photography: Grand Rapids Weddings, another day in West Michigan.

Toni and Grant got married in downtown Grand Rapids on a super hot day! We were running back and forth between outside and air condition, just to cool off for a minute.   We do hire out hourly sometimes and this was one of the times when our services were not needed as long.   Toni and Grant had amazing appertizers and desserts after their wedding with close family and friends.  They are so sweet, I love how happy they make each other and how giggly they get when they look at each other.  Wishing you many more years of happiness! x0x0xx

The ceremony and the reception was held at the St. Cecilia Music Center.  What is great about this location is that you have parking right downtown and you are in walking distance to a lot of wonderful spots for variety.  The music center is beautiful in the inside! There was plenty of space to have a wedding reception.  To learn more about our photography, click here

Big Weddings Vs Small Weddings

  • Of course, I like both small wedding and big weddings. This was a small wedding.  Instead of dancing, they had a lunch, heavy on amazing appetizers and desserts.  Maybe you don’t like to dance, or maybe you are on a budget. This is a great way to celebrate and is a creative way to have your wedding.  

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