Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Real or Fake flowers for your wedding

January 17, 2018

By Jamie May Photography:  The flowers!! Grand Rapids wedding photographer Real or Fake flowers for your wedding day?

Real Flowers vs Fake

  1. Real flowers! If you can do it, do it.  Even make your own if you have, too.
  2. Fake only option. If fake is your only option, go lighter.  They look more real the lighter they are.
  3. Eucalyptus makes everything smell good. Another simple solution is look online and find a retailer that sells eucalyptus and line your tables with them.  It makes the whole venue smell amazing!
  4. On a budget and want the real stuff. Baby’s breath is a very simple solution to real flowers that you could put together yourself and not cost you a lot of money

This wedding reception was lavished with real flowers everywhere and it was so impressive and beautiful.

That was one of the many beautiful details at this gorgeous wedding. Spread throughout the whole reception area, big, beautiful boutiques of flowers done by Shelly’s Designs Florist.  And the cheesecakes! Did you know they make cookie dough cheesecake, with a scoop of cookie dough on top of the cheesecake, fantastic!! Okay, so I loved Molly’s details a little, OK, A LOT!  Another totally awesome fyi, is that Charles and Molly’s mothers are best friends.  I have never seen two moms so happy for a wedding, ever!  They were so cute, they kept looking at each other and becoming teary.

Molly and Charles got married at St. Alphonsus Catholic church. This church has so much history in the architecture with the beams and the beautiful windows.  After we headed into downtown Grand Rapids for some pictures in the city.  We were on a bus with this large wedding party and there was never a dull moment!  Of course every one danced the night away. Wishing you many more happy and healthy years together!!!! x0x0x

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