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March 21, 2024
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By Jamie May Photography:


My name is Jamie. I am a photographer in West Michigan.  I am often hired for weddings, families and portraits, but I am also a corporate photographer.  There is nothing more exciting as a photographer to see your photography in print!   I thought I would share a very small portion of some of the work I have done over the years. I have photographed buildings, corporate teams, realtors, milestone events, Christmas corporate events, fundraisers, headshots and much more.

What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography is the practice of capturing authentic images for a business that will be used to promote the organization and market its products and/or services.  Corporate Photography includes portraits, product photos, business establishments, event photography, indoor spaces, print for marketing and much more.  Corporate photography helps define your business and brand.  It is the first impression of a consumer, client, or potential partner in business.  Quality photos help your website and advertising separate your business for the rest!  As corporate photographer, I strive to have each photograph support and sell the company’s brand and story.

Why work with a Professional Corporate Photographer?

I feel that this is self explanatory. Browse the web for a while and click on some business, what does this communicate to the viewer?  Quality images show you care about your business and the staff that represent your company.  My goal is to make people feel comfortable, document the energy and vibe for an event, and be flexible with the business to accomplish and hear their needs.

Companies trusted with Jamie as a professional corporate photographer

Here are a few:

Trinity Health, Eye Care One, Anderson Technologies, Love Inc,  Lake Michigan Credit Union – Bryan and Emily Paul,  Kellogg Company, Airgas Store, Prudential Clyde Hendrick, Greenridge Realty, Fit Body Boot Camp,  South Olive Christian, Nathan Mogren DMD, RAM Electronics, United Way, local realtors, life coaches, lenders, film directors, and many more!

Corporate Photography


This is a great way to tell the story of how your business is performing, grow your audience and promote.




Corporate Events

Capture the events that matter for your company, celebrate the people and their accomplishments.

team photography

Business Portraits and Corporate Headshots

Getting corporate headshots are important representative of your company. Hiring someone with experience in all different environments helps insure you receive  the quality photos you need with minimizing time spent.  Jamie May Photography and her experience team offers professional corporate headshots and business portraits for a wide range of business.  With over 13 years of experience, we will get the job done in a timely matter.


corporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photography

corporate portrait

Outdoor Buildings

Help your company stand out and also help people find your business and location. Please email me for samples of before and afters.


Indoor Spaces

Showcase some of your interior spaces, with quality pictures and staff or volunteers.

corporate photographycorporate photography

Team Photos

Show unity in your company.

corporate photographycorporate photographycorporate photography

corporate photography


Quality photos for internet, print, advertisements or any other needs.

corporate photography


Ready to tell your Company Story?

As a corporate photographer, Jamie is always excited to help companies create a visual representative of their business and team.  Call me today to discuss a plan for your business and to see more samples.

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