The Insta, Prayerful, Fairytale Wedding

February 28, 2020
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By Jamie May Photography

The Insta, Prayerful, Fairy Tale Wedding

When I sit down to write a blog, I never know what I am going to talk about so I title this blog  to describe the day.   We walked into a very friendly environment, with the groom’s mom giving us a hug, she lives in Mackinaw and we got some warm Mackinaw Island hospitality!  She was so sweet. In addition, Madison’s mom is so sweet…!

Prior to the wedding, I was given a pretty detailed list from the bride, who is blogger, Insta- lady! And the groom, who is a Insta-guy!  It was a little intimidating! Instantly I was relieved of this pressure.  Even though, I know the bride had spent hours and hours, organizing her day, she was relaxed and calm.

How to have a successful day…

To have a successful Instagram wedding, I noticed she had put someone in charge of all the content and organization of the day.   Her maid of honor was running the show and making sure all details were in place to assure what needed to be done.  In addition, this alleviated the bride whom had NO PRESSURE because she was in good hands with a like-minded friend, who knew her goals.  Many friends and family surrounding them, were helping the process.

There are more ‘product’ details then normal because this is a part of having an ‘Insta-wedding.’

The videographers, there was three of them, they were awesome.  Something that sets them apart is they edit as they go, so at the end of the night the a mini-clip is displayed at the end of the night.

The Venue

Wedding location was a place in Charlevoix, Michigan at Shanahans Barn.  Check out my blog post about the pros to one wedding venues, here

Getting ready happened in two locations, girls and boys got ready separately.  A blind-fold groom and groomsmen, came together for prayer.   It was fun and exciting trying to keep the bride and groom from the reveal to soon!

After we headed to the venue for game time.  A first look with her dad, before he walked her down the aisle, was a must.   Filled with love for Jesus, the ceremony was beautiful and thought provoking.


Jesus is important to them. For example, Christ-centered focus,  there were many times where more than one were gathered praying around the couple. They also did a feet washing, as Jesus did for his disciples.

Speeches were about this, the family was about Jesus and it was a repeated theme throughout the day.  Guest activities included a Bible out for people to highlight verses that were dear to them. I appreciate that they are all so open about their faith and also share that in their everyday lives on social media and with real relationships.


Many times I heard Madison say this is going to be her FairyTale day, or something along that. Insta, Prayerful, Fairytale day, accomplished!  Relaxed, kept a smile and joy in their hearts, the couple looked like they were in a fairytale.   Tears of joy and hope and love, even the sun would hit the right spot at the right time.  The barn weddings bring in some cool, sun rays to give it a mystical mood.   Her dress was beautiful!


In my opinion, this couple is ‘Professional Social Media folk’!  They know what they are doing and make it look easy, and it isn’t; a ton of work goes into promoting small businesses and influencing people.  I love that they constantly share their faith to the masses.  This day was a mix of it all, but still keeping the day about them and their love and happiness.  You can tell they are crazy for each other and a true fit.

I am going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Honored to share in such a unique wedding day, thankful for the opportunity to capture all they had hoped for.

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Vendor List

Videographer: Ingalls

Venue: Shanahans Barn, Michigan

DJ: MInightout

Food: Catering by Kellys

Harpist: Sylvia Norris

Chairs: Sweet Seats

Colors: Navy, blush and white

Bridal Party: 14

Theme: Rustic, Christ-Centered